Silent souls

Egle  Piaser’s most recent paintings  show both spontaneous touch and rational order, visibly drawing on her memory and background and freeing herself from tangible reality, as she wanders through the fluid and instinctive spreading of the colour.

Her works have always focused on the observation and the translation  into images of ordinary everyday elements, worn and shabby, by means of her distinctive  pictorial language. She takes images that have lodged in her memory of personal life events.  The natural world she depicts is actually the pretext for a deep thought upon her own artistic and human journey.

Piaser’s paintings reveal the contrast between the sweetness and grace of flowers  and the power of her characteristic engraving-like touch instantly recognisable.

Egle’s flowers are mysterious and mystical symbols, gothic idols.  A sort of “looking glass” where to walk through and enjoy plunging into.  They are the image of the artist’s conscience, personality and meditation upon the surrounding reality.

Egle Piaser  paints figurative paintings as though they were surreal,  like something from a dream, where the eternal feminine finds a new dimension.

Her art of painting  is a regularly circular,  rhythmical and repeated arrangement of petals, stems and  corollas. Colours range from bright and almost pure tones to neutral , either creating  sources of light or softening richer matching hues. The passion for colour and the search for shape give life to these works and show the signs of the painter’s greatest love for her art.